The Foxes


The Foxes is run by me, Foxxite, I'm a person who likes to do stuff out of the den (including terrible puns).
I made this site to show of the thing I've made over the years.
Most of the things you will find here are thing I've made to test stuff, or make my life and the life of my friends, easier.
If you're looking for a developer that likes to do really unique stuff and think different from the rest, look no further than here.

Things I make:

- Websites
- Games
- Software

Programming Languages I know (in order of prefered languages):

- C#
- JavaScript

Libaries I know how to use:

- JQuery
- Bootstrap
- AngularJS
- Most populair C# addons

Software I know how to use (not including basic software):

- Visual Studio
- Unity3D
- Dreamweaver
- Photoshop
- Paint.NET
- Cinema4D
- GitHub

Feel free to look in the source of this site to get a feeling for the way I write code.
Want to talk to me, or want more information about me? Please see the Contact section.

Latest Project:

Download Beat Neon for Windows
Beat Neon is a simple game where you explode blocks on the rythm of the music. The blue block is left click and the red block is right click.

To install: put everything that is inside the zip file into it's own folder and run `Beat Neon.exe`


It seems like nothing is here yet, but something will be here soon™️

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This is an rough estimate. The real price I ask for your project might differ. You can send me an email asking for an obligation free quote if you want an closer estemated price.

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At this moment I am unable to make a calculator for a C# application as these are to different from each other. You can send me an email asking for an obligation free quote if you want an estemated price.